ESPN Brasil is airing today an interview with Manchester United midfielder Fred, who’s happy with the form he’s been having with the Red Devils.

With 32 appearances this season so far, the 27-year-old seems to have finally gained Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s trust and is regularly starting for the Old Trafford side.

Fred describes this improvement as the ‘mineiro’ way of being, which is used in Brazil to describe the personality of people from Minas Gerais, the state where he was born.

“Mineiro style, quiet there, eating by the edges. I think for sure, it was a lot of work. The first season was difficult. There was an adaptation process, a change of managers. It turns out that the manager who arrived hadn’t signed me,” Fred told ESPN Brasil.

“But I kept working, looking for my best form. In the second season I had more chances, I managed to have a good season. And I think this season is definitely being my best. I’m having more games, playing with the coach’s confidence, with the confidence up there. This is important. I hope to continue doing a great job here, keep playing a lot, and I want to help the team win many titles.”

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The Brazilian also spoke about his midfield partner Bruno Fernandes. He says the Portuguese star ‘took over’ their midfield and had a big influence in the team’s mentality.

“I think it surprised. His impact was very fast, you know. He arrived here and already took over the midfield, called for the lead and took it. I think he’s a great player, he came here to help us. I’m very happy with this. He’s a very good guy, we see that he works a lot on a daily basis. A guy who’s always trying to win, you know? He doesn’t like to lose. So his mentality is very cool, very good.”

Fred also talked about the race for the Premier League title, claiming Manchester United need to focus on conquering all the possible points. Although it’s not clear, it looks like the interview was recorded before the 0-0 draw against Crystal Palace on Wednesday.

“We hope they miss some points, you know. If we win our points. We’ve already messed around too much in the league, we missed some points that we couldn’t. But it’s about keep doing our job, doing our best. Always try to score and cheer a little against them, so that they can miss some points throughout the league.”