ESPN Brasil featured at the weekend a big interview with Chelsea full-back Emerson Palmieri, who spoke to three different journalists.

The 27-year-old had a lot to talk about the great past months he’s been through, as he won the Champions League with the Blues and the Euros with Italy.

Now since Palmieri has also been involved in several transfer rumours lately, he also spoke out about a potential departure from the Stamford Bridge.

The full-back made it clear that he wants to have as many minutes as possible, and flirted with an exit from the Blues in case he can’t achieve that at the club.

“I know it’s not easy, but I’m hungry to play. I want to play, I know I can be on the field, I’ve already tasted it. So, I will do everything to be on the pitch”, Emerson Palmieri told ESPN Brasil.

“Of course I still have two more years on my contract with Chelsea, who are a big club. I’ve already proved that I can play here, but at the same time I want to be on the field. I want to play, I want to feel important, like I already felt. I want to have the same feeling I felt when I scored the goal against Atletico Madrid, to have the same feeling when I won the Euro.”

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Palmieri has been linked to several European sides for the past few months, especially the likes of Napoli and Roma. He claims he’ll ‘think’ about it until the end of the transfer window.

“I’m really going to choose the best option. If it’s to stay at Chelsea, if it happens to Napoli or another team. I still have another 25 days, practically, to think about, to be able to choose the best place, right. Where they really want me, want me happy, And where I’m going to choose.

“Because I’m 27 years old today so I’m at an age where I believe I’m at the top of my maturing age, as a player, like everything else. So after everything now that I’ve been through, having won the Euro, having participated in the Champions League, I want to play, I want to feel important and that’s what I’m going to look for this month.”

Recent stories from the Italian media said manager Luciano Spaletti wants to reunite with Palmieri at Napoli.

The Serie A side are said to be looking for a formula to make the deal happen, since they can’t afford a permanent move.