Claudio Bravo doesn’t look like winning his spat with the Chilean FA.

The Manchester City goalkeeper has recently colided with La Roja’s management for some staff pickings, and responded to the disagreement by not joining the national team in the past two matches.

Bravo wanted goalkeeping coach Julio Rodriguez to be on the staff, something that was turned down by Chile’s board. With the denial, he rejected the last call up made by the manager Reinaldo Rueda.

Rueda continues to claim that it’s not his fault, and in a press conference this week, he spoke a little bit more about the situation with the Manchester City player.

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“The staff is doing a good job with the goalkeepers, Julio Rodriguez is something that is already decided, he isn’t joining our coaching staff. There’s Claudio’s request, but the decision of the ANFP is that he doesn’t meet the conditions to be in the national team. (via AS).

“He (Bravo) took a position, it’s very respectable, I do not share it either. I’m practically in the middle. He has made recommendations or suggestions to be in the national team again.

“Until the last minute I insisted, I tried everything in my power to for him to accompany us to those two games, but he stayed in his position. It is a decision of his not mine.” (via Biobio Chile).

All this fight leaves Bravo in a strange situation, because despite being well known in the football world, the 34-year-old isn’t playing right now for either club or national team.

Could this encourage him to seek a Manchester City exit in the summer so he can get more appearances next season? The clock is ticking, and there aren’t many years left in his career.