Faustino Asprilla continues to be one of the most requested men when the Colombian media is looking for quotes. The former Newcastle United striker is often invited by radio and TV stations so he can talk about various football topics.

For the past few months, there have been several rumours about the future of James Rodriguez, who isn’t staying at Bayern Munich, and should be sent back to his parent club Real Madrid.

Speaking to Blu Radio, Asprilla has claimed that he doesn’t understand the midfielder’s decision, since he seemed fine in Germany.

“I found it very strange that James hasn’t decided to stay at Bayern Munich. These are the consequences of making bad decisions. What is your happiness? The happiness of a footballer is to play. They valued him more there,” said Asprilla (via Marca).

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Then regarding the things that weigh on footballer’s decisions, Asprilla said that clubs depend on their cities to be attractive for players. He also recalled his choice to sign for Newcastle United and used it as an example.

“The cities have a lot to do with the decisions of the families and the players, because, for example, many players would like to play for Manchester City, but the city is not what they expect and they get bored. I won’t go there, not even kidding! (Laughter).

“I was touched by Newcastle, which weirder than that, was impossible. I didn’t get bored, because I was happy where I played football. Just as I had very nice cities, Newcastle also touched me, where the sun came up, snow fell, then it rained… a very strange thing.”