Currently enjoying his vacations in the South of Brazil, Liverpool’s Lucas Leiva is a constant subject for the local press. The player is wanted by his former club Grêmio, and his roots with the there encourage the rumours to continue.

The midfielder visited the club’s facilities this Monday, where he gave a lecture to the academy players about the difficulties of a football career.

Speaking to Zero Hora, the Liverpool player talked a little about it: “The distance from home is a difficulty that everyone goes through. I had a lot of trouble, I suffered enough. The distance from childhood friends… I still feel and it is normal.

“But I think that’s part of life. When you have a purpose, you have to fight. And there will always be difficulty. And these difficulties have to be used as motivation. I used all the resources that Grêmio offered me so I could try to adapt to the difficulties and use them as motivation.”

Regarding his possible return to the club, Grêmio president Romildo Bolzan Jr. has spoken to Radio Gaúcha this week and made the situation clear: “We’re talking, Lucas still has time in Europe. It would be a longer-term project. If he came now, it would be for the visibility of the club with the fans. Lucas would be the type of player who, with our Arena management, would create a favourable marketing environment.”

Lucas has spoke to Radio Atlantica on Monday, and had a relaxed chat with the hosts as some fans asked him a few questions on Facebook.

One of them was obviously about the chance of moving back to Grêmio, and he said: “There was an offer from Grêmio in but I wanted to complete 10 years at Liverpool.”

“Now in the window we had a conversation, but nothing official. I do not hide my desire to return to Gremio, but there are several factors.”

To end the show, Lucas Leiva was asked, and it’s shocked us too, which Liverpool player, has the, erm, packs the most, eh… You get the picture. He was not afraid to answer.

“Some shower wearing underwear. Mané? No, he wears underwear. I don’t keep watching it. I think it’s Sturridge. Firmino? No, it’s normal.”