Currently enjoying his holidays, Tottenham Hotspur forward Lucas Moura took part in a couple of events in Brazil this weekend, and followed by the local media, had a couple of interviews about his season and his future at the London side.

A question he couldn’t escape was regarding a potential return to São Paulo, the club he grew up at.

The 29-year-old many times claimed he wishes to get back to the Tricolor at some point, and despite admitting that his comeback is now closer, he still can’t promise this is happening so soon.

“I don’t like to create expectations where there aren’t any, it’s a difficult issue to resolve” said Lucas Moura (via Globo Esporte).

“Today I have a contract with Tottenham, the fee is difficult for São Paulo, there is also the salary. It’s difficult. The reality is that I do think about returning, but I never made a clear date.”

Moura’s contract with Tottenham expires in 2023, even though Spurs have an option to extend it for a further year.

In case the London side do decide to let him go for free, he admits that a move to Brazil is a possibility.

“Why not? It might be. It’s going to be 10 years, I’ll still be fine, I’m 29 years old. I’ll have a lot of wood to burn, it’s a possibility. If something doesn’t come up that catches my eye in a big club in Europe, a club that I like, São Paulo is a very strong possibility 

The winger really made it sound like there isn’t an expectation for a new contract with Tottenham, as he clearly talks about finding a new club next year.

“I think yes, São Paulo has always been on my mind. When I see it approaching the end of the contract and I still haven’t had any contact with a specific club, which I would like, São Paulo is a very strong option. Back to my country, to the club where I was formed… But you have to wait and see how it goes.”