Thursday’s edition of Gazzetta della Sport had some entertainment for Leeds United supporters concerning their two previous owners and a potential legal battle.

Massimo Cellino had spoken to the Italian newspaper and claimed he’s owed a debt by Antonio Radrizzani and could send his legal team after Sampdoria shares to make sure he gets his money.

The dispute appears to relate to €9.6m that Cellino is said to have provided to Radrizzani as part of the Leeds United sale process, with the loan being used to buy Elland Road.

That amount was due to be paid off at a certain amount per year, and Cellino claimed that this year’s payment, which he said was due by the end of August, hasn’t been paid yet.

He was quoted as saying: “Even in the past there was no punctuality, now the 2023 instalment expired on August 31st. I made myself heard and I get no answers. That money is needed for my Brescia.

“How can Radrizzani buy a prestigious club like Samp to rehabilitate if he can’t even pay his old debts relating to Leeds? An embarrassing thing! I have to protect myself and Brescia and for this reason my lawyers are evaluating whether it is possible to take action against Sampdoria’s shares, provided they are in his name.”

The calmest way for this to have been resolved would have been for the money to be paid and then everyone gets on with their own business.

However, Massimo Ferrero had other ideas and has decided to turn the heat up on Radrizzani.

Who is Ferrero? He’s the former Sampdoria owner who Radrizzani purchased the club from, and he’s clearly not a big fan.

Calciomercato quote him as saying: “I think Cellino is right. If you have a debt you have to honour it. Honestly, Radrizzani didn’t behave so well with me either.

“I’m with Cellino, Radrizzani has a debt that he must honour. Now it almost seems like he wants to make a film about saving Sampdoria, but he didn’t save anything.”

That last comment relates to a film crew now following Radrizzani’s takeover of the Italian club, similar to the Leeds United documentary Take Us Home.

Ferrero went on to say: “I want to remember that he took Sampdoria with parachute money, then he paid the salaries by also selling a few players. I’m the one who took on €200m in debt, but despite this they came to tell me that I paid Samp one euro. I hope that this problem will be resolved, especially for the Sampdoria fans.”