For the past year or so, Manchester United have been linked with Nikola Milenković.

The Fiorentina defender’s links to an Old Trafford move actually date further back than that, to a time when José Mourinho was in charge, but they then died down only to return with a vengeance this season.

The reason behind that is the player’s contract, which is due to expire in the summer of 2022, meaning this upcoming transfer window will be one of the Serie A club’s last chances to make a considerable sale if he doesn’t renew.

Recent reports suggests he won’t, meaning an exit is on the cards, with Manchester United and some other Premier League clubs often named as suitors.

For former Rangers and Fiorentina defender Lorenzo Amoruso, however, the hype isn’t entirely warranted.

He told Fiorentina News: “I think he’s taken steps backwards due to a series of situations. I don’t think he’s happy with his agent for taking him away from Florence. Then the pressures on him are increased and there is no great tranquility in the club. I could also add the poor performances of many of his teammates, without forgetting the managerial changes”.

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Amoruso then continued to have a go at his agent for the timing and way in which he decided to break off talks with Fiorentina, before adding that Milenković hasn’t really learned from the mistakes he’s made on the pitch this season.

As for whether he believes the Serbian is worth the €30m Manchester United are reportedly ready to pay for him, he said: “On physical level, he could make a difference even if he’s not very technical. In two years, however, I haven’t seen him improve much and this is the problem.

“The €30m we are talking about is a very important figure, but whoever buys him pays for the potential that we have all seen, not the progress. I have doubts that Fiorentina will be able to get that amount. Manchester United, I tell you with certainty, will not reach that sum”.

Strong words, and only time will tell whether Amoruso is correct, but it could all depend how desperate the Red Devils are to secure a deal.