Manchester United midfielder Fred was interviewed this week by ESPN Brasil in a show called ‘Bola da Vez’ which is aired on Saturday night.

Calling their viewers to watch it, the outlet are already featuring a few quotes from the chat on their website and one of the topics discussed was the future of Edinson Cavani.

The striker has been heavily linked to a move to Corinthians this month, with the Brazilian side publicly admitting that they’ve been trying to sign him.

Asked about the rumours, Fred revealed that he even tried to have a chat with Cavani about it, but the Uruguayan didn’t really feed into it.

“The other day I joked with him, saying that I had heard something about Corinthians. I said Corinthians, I played with him. He just laughed. He said he still has a contract to fulfill,” Fred told ESPN Brasil.

“He’s a great player, I really like playing with him, everyone knows about Cavani’s quality, you know, what a great player he is. He helps our team a lot, a great striker. He runs a lot for us, right, for us. South American player, fierce, right? And he’s a guy I want to have him for a lot longer because he’s a guy who helps us a lot. I hope he can stay here longer.”

Regarding the chances of Cavani’s move to Corinthians, Fred claimed it would be surprising if it indeed happens.

“For sure, I would be very surprised. I think he should stay with us at least until the end of the season, which is where his contract ends.”

In the story, ESPN points out that Fred also spoke in the interview regarding the dressing room issues that have been reported this week, with the English press claiming the Portuguese speakers have been trouble at the club, meaning that’s a show that will be worth keeping an eye on.