Everton star James Rodriguez was interviewed by ESPN Brasil following the match against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday.

Needless to say, the midfielder had a big smile on his face after his good performance helped the Toffees beat José Mourinho’s side 1-0.

Regarding his first minutes wearing Everton’s jersey, James Rodriguez said he’s surrounded by good players in the squad.

“I see people with quality, people who have talent. I saw in these five days. For what the club wants, this is good. I try to help the team win and if I can do passes and goals, it’s much easier,” James Rodrigues told ESPN Brasil’s Natali Gedra.

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Asked about adaptation to the Premier League, the Colombian star claims he should have no problems with it.

“In the end, football is the same all over the world. But football here is much more physical, much stronger. Of course I have to learn too, right. When you have talent, you have quality, it’s easier. As I said, I am one more, I want to help the club always go further.”

The midfielder also talked about his big experience following his time in Portugal, Spain, France and Germany, claiming he doesn’t want to be seen as a big star among his teammates.

“As you said, I’m nearly 30. For life I’m young, but for football, I’m already grown. As I said before, I want to help everyone and for my teammates to feel that I’m one more, I didn’t come to look like the great one. I just want to help and show that I am hungry to win things.”

James Rodriguez sang a Brazilian tune when presenting his initiation song to his Everton teammates last week. That’s why the reporter played with him by saying their next interview would be in Portuguese. He smiled and said he’d be fine with it.

“I can speak Portuguese too. No problem!”