We all know that Flamengo are the Brazilian club who get the biggest attention from the Brazilian media, and any news about them is a big deal.

That’s why the situation of Manchester United loanee Andreas Pereira continues to get big coverage, as the club haven’t yet triggered the buying option they have over him.

The midfielder has been going through a complicated situation since November, when he made a mistake in the Copa Libertadores final. Since then, he wasn’t able to turn things around, and many people claim he should get psychological support to get back to playing well.

So as Torcedores writes about him, they bring the word of a fortune-teller. More than a technical or mental specialist, they bring the words from a clairvoyant who says what he’s been seeing on the tarot cards.

No, seriously, this is the level of coverage right now in Brazil.

“A positive print run for Andreas Pereira. I see him staying at Flamengo for a long time. The bear card keeping him in Flamengo, that’s for sure. What worries me is that the star card and the tower came. This shows me that he will be a little lost and isolated on the pitch,” says Vitor Pinheiro (via Torcedores).

“He needs better psychological support. He’s going to get lost on the pitch, and I see that he’s a very sensitive person. His sensitivity in relation to his psychology is great. Flamengo needs to invest in his psychology.”

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“Is he going to turn it around? He will! I see him making good choices, protecting his path, I see him being well guided and accompanied. I see a very good future for Andreas Pereira in the team. He will get titles at Flamengo and turn around. His path is towards honours and glories. Does he feel isolated? Yes. Does he feel pressured? Yes. However, his paths are open. Not a single negative letter came. Without a doubt, Andreas Pereira is very positive at Flamengo, he will help a lot.”

Flamengo have a €20m buying option over Pereira, although reports claim they’ve reached an agreement with Manchester United for only €10m. They have until June to trigger it, and while the purchase isn’t made, every kind of specialist now joins the discussion.