Earlier on Tuesday, we covered a story combining bits and bobs from Spain and France regarding the possibility of Zinedine Zidane taking the Manchester United job.

It stemmed from Eduardo Inda claiming on El Chiringuito that the Red Devils had picked up the phone to call the former Real Madrid manager after Cristiano Ronaldo suggested it.

The story seemed far fetched to say the least, and it was pushed even more in that direction by a previous tweet from well-connected journalist Frédéric Hermel, who knows Zidane really well.

He claimed a few days earlier, when reacting to a link about Newcastle United being interested in the former France international becoming their new figurehead that there was no interest from the manager to work in the Premier League, nor would there be going forward.

This, however, is all ignored by Raymond Domenech, who, asked by L’Equipe TV whether Zidane should take the Manchester United job.

He said: “What job is he made for when he’s been a multiple Champions League with Real Madrid? What’s left? City, United, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich? There’s five or six clubs. After that, if he takes another club, they’re a step down for him, for someone of his level.

“There comes a point when you can’t let that possibility slip. He’s also got, with Ronaldo, a direct relay, a translator from Spanish to English. He’ll also get away from people who say he only achieved what he did because it was Real Madrid, because he knew the players and he’ll prove he’s really a top manager. That’s why I tell him: go for it. Or stay in your comfort, but I don’t think that’s his desire”.