Earlier today we covered claims from Mundo Deportivo that Real Sociedad have initiated contact with Everton over keeping Sandro Ramirez beyond the end of the season.

It’s was a surprise, given the Spanish media have been falling over themselves to explain what a failure the loan deal has been.

Sandro hasn’t scored since November 2017, which was for Everton, and it’s not as if he’s been putting in marvellous performances which make finding the back of the net unnecessary.

Much to everyone’s shock, Real Sociedad manager Imanol Alguacil is a big fan of the player and has said publicly he’d like to keep him around.

In response, Mundo Deportivo quote Sandro as saying “I would be proud” if the Spanish club made the effort and signed him longer term.

So what’s going on?

Diario Vasco’s Jon Trueba is one of the go-to men when it comes to La Real, and each week he answers questions from fans.

One this week asked if it’s true the club are serious about signing Sandro, and Trueba answered: “At Real they are surprised with the request that Imanol has made for Sandro to stay. Real understands that things would have to change a lot. For starters he is a very expensive player (now claims more than two million net and his wages at Everton are higher still) and before joining Real he would have to terminate his contract with the English team. For weeks now we said here that Imanol was delighted with the attitude of Sandro in training. And if Imanol continues and wants him…”

Another fan put it to Trueba that Imanol had told a radio station he wants to keep Sandro, and the supporter sad this was a ‘bad start’, presumably meaning the manager’s transfer planning, the Real Sociedad journalist replied: “The club’s board disagrees, they don’t want Sandro, but I already said that I saw Imanol wanting to intervene in the making of the team for next season!”

So the club don’t want Sandro, the fans don’t seem to be keen, the media thought the prospect of him staying was zero, and yet he’s found a manager with faith in him.

It could work out, the former Barcelona player is still only 23 years of age.

He has an Everton contract until June 2021, and the insinuation from San Sebastian appears to be that the Toffees and their player would have to agree to tear that up.

That would mean no more wage commitments for the Premier League club, but also no transfer fee. It may make more sense for Everton to send him for free or a token amount, with further payments based on performance or a future sale.