There was a time when one of the starters at Manchester United was Marouane Fellaini.

The Belgian midfielder arrived at Old Trafford from Everton with David Moyes, who had been chosen by Sir Alex Ferguson to replace him after his retirement.

Often maligned and misunderstood, Fellaini stood the test of time at Manchester United, playing under the aforementioned Scottish manager, Louis Van Gaal, José Mourinho and eventually Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Eventually, though, the Norwegian made it clear the player wasn’t part of his plans, so when the opportunity to go to China came, he grabbed it and hasn’t looked back since.

He’s excelled with SD Taishan, picking up 10 goals in 20 games last year in the league, and while he was briefly linked with Newcastle, a return to Europe isn’t necessarily on the cards.

The player had a chat with So Foot, where he talked a bit about his Manchester United spell, after he was asked if he was disappointed with his time there.

He replied: “I prefer not to say anything, I don’t need to, but Manchester United are an institution. There’s no way of convincing anyone. I just think that to build a team, time is needed, continuity. Liverpool gave Klopp time. I hope Manchester United will bring in a manager at the end of the season that will stay for five, sux years.

“The only thing I regret is to not have won the league. We finished second with Mourinho, it’s a shame. When you play for Manchester United for five years, you hope win the Premier League at least once. I’ve won cups and the Europa League, but it’s not the same as the league. That’s the dream. To go back to the top, the club will need to build”.