Claudio Bravo and Arturo Vidal don’t seem like the best of friends, regardless of their claims there’s no problem.

The Manchester City goalkeeper’s wife and mother-in-law publicly questioned some in the Chile squad after failure to qualify for the World Cup. It was clear to many in the country that the attacks were against Vidal and his partying ways, but it was all supposed to have been left behind.

When the fresh Chile start was scheduled, Bravo refused to join up with the national squad unless they appointed a goalkeeper he had personally chosen. Chile made it clear that it’s not for Bravo to dictate the national set-up and the situation remains tense.

Not in the current selection. Bravo has arrived back in Chile. Asked about the situation, the Manchester City back-up is quoted by La Tercera as saying: “I have nothing to talk to him about; Vidal is not the national team, Bravo is not the national team. The selection is all players.”

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Bravo then added: “I don’t have to speak about anything or apologise to anyone. It has been speculated out there that I need to ask for forgiveness. I think everyone knows the errors he committed, everyone knows what happened and goes with that, instead of asking for explanations and apologies.”

It would be unfortunate if Bravo doesn’t sort out his situation with Chile, but the country are already trying out other goalkeepers, to which the Manchester City player said: “When there is competition it is good, but nothing will be known until the real matches come, when there is pressure. It’s good that people are rotating, that they see new faces.

“Pressures me? I have never felt pressured. They are guys who are breaking through.”