There’s much excitement in the Polish sport media around how Mateusz Bogusz is getting on with Leeds United.

Earlier this month Łukasz Maciongowski, who works for the agency representing the 17 year old, told the Polish media how well the youngster was adapting“Leeds are very pleased with Mateusz. The club’s representatives were surprised that in such a short time he was able to adapt to the pace of the game that prevails in England.

“With every week you can see progress, Mateusz is getting to know the club’s expectations more and more about his role on the pitch.”

The agency wasn’t surprised by how well things were going. They knew the level of the player and that Leeds had done their research before completing the signing.

That Marcelo Bielsa was keen also gave reason for optimism, and Bogusz training regularly with the first team didn’t come as such a shock.

The youngster continues to get coverage, and today’s edition of Przeglad Sportowy has an article on him. Meeting him at a hotel in Uniejów, where he’d been staying with the Polish U20 team, the newspaper spend much of their article focusing on his progress.

It’s taken a lot of mental strength for such a young footballer, and Bogusz is said to have felt ‘terribly lonely’ after his girlfriend, father and agent returned to Poland.

That would immediately make one wonder why one of them didn’t stay, but the Leeds youngster got over it quickly: “Of course I miss my loved ones, but I managed to tame this feeling after a few days and focus.”

That focus has certainly helped.

Leeds have also been making every effort to help their player settle, and he lives with other players, getting particular support from Kamil Miazek.

Stellar Group’s agency is a further support for Bogusz in England.

What is continuing to catch the attention is Poland is the midfielder training with the Leeds United first team, on which he said: “Officially I am still a youth player, but in training almost every day someone from the first team comes to me and takes with me with some others for training with Marcelo Bielsa.”

Leeds clearly think a lot of their January signing, and that the 17 year old is with Poland’s U20 side shows the national team do too.