On Sunday Kicker published a taster of an interview with Leon Bailey. Their magazine, published on Monday, has the full story, especially with relation to Chelsea and Liverpool.

Chelsea have been linked to the player for years, going back to his early time coming through in Belgian football. At that stage the plan would have been to sign Bailey and loan him out but the situation would be very different now.

Liverpool are a relatively new entrant and that perhaps makes their interest a little more exciting.

Bailey was asked: “You were most recently associated with AS Roma, Chelsea and Liverpool. Is there any concrete interest?”

The Bayer Leverkusen player answered: “There is concrete interest. But right now I’m just concentrating on playing football well, being focused, good at training, developing well.”

Kicker, online, say that ‘confirms’ the interest of the clubs mentioned, but it doesn’t seem that clear.

The 20 year old was then asked: “Now, a few days before the transfer window closes in England on the 9th of August, you promise to stay in Leverkusen?”

He answered: “I make no promises. What I can say: My full focus is on developing myself as a young player. I focus on that. If a club wants me, my management and Bayer care about it. They make the decision.”

It sounds like Leon Bailey is open to a transfer, even over the next few days or so. Kicker don’t share any information about a concrete push to actually sign him, from Liverpool, Chelsea, Roma or anyone else.