The past week or so has seen a number of stories be written in Sweden about Victor Lindelöf, who boycotted speaking to a couple of local outlets after they published some false information earlier this year.

This was all before their second Euros 2020 qualification game of the international break against Norway, which they were playing at home in Solna on Sunday evening, ending in a 1-1 draw.

After the game, Lindelöf decided to talk to the press (at least the members he hasn’t boycotted) and vented his frustration at his and his teammates’ performance in the fixture.

He told Expressen: “It was a bad match for us. I don’t really know what we are doing, but we aren’t up to the level. Everything was too bad today. The aggressiveness, duels, the passing game. Nothing was right today. We lost two points.

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“We have all the conditions to go and control a game like this, but we don’t. I look at myself first and foremost. I had a lousy game today. I’m really disappointed. One of the worst international games I’ve been to. That’s what makes me really angry: we didn’t give ourselves the chance to win here today”.

This comes after a couple of poor games for the defender for Manchester United, where many have put the blame on him for conceded goals against Crystal Palace and Southampton.

The centre-back was inexplicably out jumped by Jeffrey Schlupp in the former to allow Jordan Ayew clean through on goal, before slightly misjudging the flight of a cross against the Saints as Jannik Vestergaard towered over him to head home.

Not exactly what United fans will want to hear ahead of their Saturday fixture against Leicester City, who are currently third in the league.