As we get nearer to the end of the current season, the speculation surrounding the future of Kevin Mirallas at both Fiorentina and Everton has reappeared.

On a loan with a view to buy at £7m, the Belgian forward has neither set the Serie A league alight nor has he disappointed with La Viola. He’s just done alright.

The big debate of late is whether the Italian club should spend such a fee on a 31-year-old forward, and the press have, so far, been leaning towards no.

They have explained time and time again that he has between now and the end of the season to prove himself to the Fiorentina board, who will need to be fully on board to pay the Toffees their required fee.

Down the player’s end, however, the decision has already been made: he doesn’t want a return to Goodison Park.

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He made that clear at the start, and he’s repeated it once more on Thursday in an interview with Tuttosport.

He said: “I hope my future will be with Fiorentina. I feel good here and I would like to stay. I like this club, this group and manager. I like the fans, who are always supporting and never give off negative pressures. 

“I like Florence where I’m happy with my family. There’s still two months left until the end of the season after which we’ll talk.”

The Belgium international was then asked if he would be willing to ask Everton if they could lower their demands a bit to make his wish come true.

He laughed: “Why not! We’ll see. Either way, I’m calm about it all.”

Since Marco Silva has little need for Mirallas’ services at Goodison Park, knocking off a couple of million to ensure a sale certainly wouldn’t hurt, would it?