Pi­er­re-Emi­le Højb­jerg is probably one of the most likeable youngsters in European football at the moment. The Southampton player speaks so well about the game, and has an infectious enthusiasm for football generally.

Intelligent and respectful, Højb­jerg is somewhat typical of a new generation of young Danish footballers who keep saying the right things. Away on international duty, Højb­jerg granted a big interview to Ekstra Bladet and told the Danish newspaper that he’d been impressed hugely by the Premier League.

After playing Leicester City last weekend, Højb­jerg sounds genuinely excited about the experience: “At the weekend I was at the King Power Stadium. There, one of the most legendary moments in English football took place when they were champions last season. So for me it was huge – and to play against a man like Danny Drinkwater. Well, I could hardly believe my eyes.”

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 16.18.55Southampton playing against Leicester City gave Højb­jerg the chance to face an international teammate: “So it was also fun to play against Kasper Schmeichel, although unfortunately I did not score past him.”

Given how happy Højb­jerg sounds, he should get a few opportunities to score against Schmeichel, with the two surely likely to be in the Premier League for a while longer yet.