Manchester United midfielder Andreas Pereira has been interviewed by ‘Pilhado’ Youtube channel this week.

The Brazilian had a very relaxed chat about his start at the Red Devils, his personal life, his current form and his goals for the future.

The player revealed that one of his dogs is called Zico, and although the 80s star has made his career playing for Flamengo, Andreas has guaranteed that he supports another Brazilian club. And even gets more nervous when watching them than Manchester United.

“Of Santos I am a fan. I’m sick. Annoying. I get p***** off. If Santos lose, I’ll be p*****. For example, I’m watching Santos, the referee doesn’t give a penalty, I get p*****. I get really p*****. I don’t think that even in Man United match, we don’t win a penalty, I’m like, ‘he didn’t give the penalty’. No, in Santos’ game I get p*****, I’m going to sleep p*****. I don’t even like talking to people. I get really p*****.”

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Andreas also answered a very difficult question, which was about believing if he can be the best in the world one day. The Manchester United player said yes, despite conceding there’s a lot to do before then.

“I think it depends a lot if I start playing now at Manchester United. Be a starter. I think it has to be step by step. You have to first play at Man United, start, go to the national team, start conquering your space. I think I trust my ability, and I think it’s possible. But it’s a lot of work and you have to be a little lucky too. I believe. I think if I don’t believe it, I think I’m wrong. Playing at 23 years old at Manchester, and knowing that I can play, and don’t believe it, I think I’m wrong as a pro. I think in my position, one day, I can fight for the best in the world. And I work day to day for it.”

The video’s title, as you can see below, says Andreas Pereira has turned down an offer from Barcelona. But that happened when he was 12, before he left PSV for Manchester United.