The fact that Newcastle United recently included Nolberto Solano in their Hall of Fame was taken very well by the Peruvian media.

Newspaper El Comercio now features a two-page interview with the former Magpies player, as besides speaking of his time playing at St. James’ Park, they also wanted his opinion on some recent subjects.

The outlet sounded so excited about it all that they even asked if Newcastle placing him in their Hall of Fame had ‘changed his life’ so far.

“I have always taken things very calmly. But receiving this tribute is very gratifying. Today, my children sometimes watch on social networks or Youtube a goal of mine that I didn’t even remember. I feel proud of the career I had and now I value it,” said Solano.

El Comercio then asked if Newcastle ever asked Solano to recommend a Peruvian player for them to sign.

“More than recommending or not, it is necessary to talk about the lack of work on minors in Peru. We need to put more effort into this aspect. But as long as we have these potholes, these gaps, it’s very complicated. And, of course, this is a task for the clubs. Of all the clubs, not just Alianza, Cristal and Universitario. Peruvian football cannot depend only on them, but all the clubs that are in the professional ranks must be required to work in youth football so that football in our country expands.”

Nolberto Solano had been playing for Argentine side Boca Juniors when he drew Newcastle’s attention, with the Magpies spending €4m to sign him in the summer of 1998.

Newcastle had him in their squad for over five seasons, selling him to Aston Villa in January 2004. The midfielder then returned to St. James’ Park, though, with him joining again in January 2006 and leaving for West Ham in the summer of 2007.

In total, he had 315 appearances for the Magpies, with 48 goals and 78 assists.