Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez has been interviewed by Arsenal En America podcast this week.

As often happens with Premier League players, the 27-year-old felt a lot more comfortable speaking in Spanish, saying things he would perhaps not say if doing an interview in England.

Martínez has spoken a lot about his dream of playing for the Argentine national team, and makes it clear he expects more playing time with the Gunners so he can achieve it.

“My goal is to reach the Argentine national team, I have the qualities. I need only a little more playing time. I want to add minutes, make a great season, be Arsenal’s number one and have chances of being in the team that plays the Copa América 2020,” Martínez told Arsenal En America (via InfoBae).

“I know that the national team’s goalkeepers coach has followed me last season at Reading and wants me to play. That’s why having good games at Arsenal, which is one of the best clubs in the world, I will have the possibility.”

The 27-year-old spent the second part of the last season on loan at Reading. He says that he even had offers to leave in the summer, but chose to have a new shot at Arsenal.

“I had a great season on loan at Reading and I had offers to leave Arsenal. I wanted to play, it was going to be my priority. After nine years without much rhythm I wanted to leave. But I got the news that I was going to play more games and I decided to stay to try to be number one. I’m very prepared. If I didn’t believe myself of being capable of taking that position, I would not have stayed.”

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Speaking of the competition to be Gunners’ number one choice, Martínez made some pretty interesting claims when comparing himself to Bernd Leno.

“Last year Petr Cech started as a starter and Bernd Leno played the cups. But this year Leno starts number one and I’m playing those competitions. Although everything can change, because they left me at the club knowing that I can be number one. We both play very well with our feet. Our coach tells everyone that we are one more player and told us that we are among the best goalkeepers who play with our feet, which is something very important for his game system.

“He (Leno) has more professional matches than me, but in qualities I am equal to or better than him.”

Finally, he promises to continue at Arsenal as long as he gets to play for Argentina: “I know that if I get to the national team, I will stay.”