When an Italian leaves Serie A it’s rarely seen as a long term thing, especially if they’re at the beginning of a career.

Therefore, it was always likely Patrick Cutrone would be repeatedly linked with a move back to the country after signing for Wolves. If he impressed in England, there’d be big Serie A clubs interested, and if not it would be sides traditionally further down the table.

It’s exactly the same situation with Moise Kean at Everton.

On Monday morning, Genoa’s PrimoCanale reported Cutrone wants to return to Italy, and negotiations are already underway with Sampdoria.

It was stated the club are considering signing the Wolves player on loan in January, with a obligation to make the move permanent in the summer.

SampNews24 picked up on the story and contacted Cutrone’s agent Donato Orgnoni.

He’s dismissed the claims completely, and is quoted as saying: “We’ve never thought of leaving Wolves. I don’t understand why certain news comes out. He remains in England one hundred percent.”

The 21 year old has totalled 280 minutes in the Premier League so far this season, with further appearances in the Europa League and EFL Cup.