Nottingham Forest may have already saved themselves from relegation in the Premier League, but there’s still something special about their final match against Burnley at the weekend.

That’s the farewell of Felipe, who had already announced his retirement and could now have one last chance to take part in a professional game.

The defender has been interviewed by Globo Esporte, and talked about his feelings before this final match.

“Oh yes, little by little. Since it hasn’t happened, we always think we’re ready. But I think we’ll see at the moment, when the last day comes. I don’t know what the reaction will be, but my future plans are already very much mapped out. And I just have to say thank you, it’s been a great career. My head is quite clear, thank God,” said the Nottingham Forest centre-back.

In a bigger interview which is being published next week, Felipe detailed that he received several offers and offers from clubs. That’s the reason why he announced his retirement in March, as his decision is to have more time to spend with his family.

Felipe also brought a special message to the fans who followed him through his career.

“All I have to say is thank you. To everyone who has passed through my career. To those who have praised me and to the critics too, who have trained me a lot. I think it’s been a beautiful journey. I’ve tried to work to the best of my ability, to dedicate myself to the point of reaching my peak. And I think the Corinthians fans were the difference, a push, a huge lever that I had to get through my process in Europe. I’d just like to thank them and my fans in Portugal, Spain and England. I hold them in high regard and I’ll be following them wherever I am.”

The Brazilian joined Nottingham Forest back in January 2023, with the Reds bought him from Atlético Madrid for just €2.3m. Despite immediately getting a place in the team back then, he ended up losing his place this season. That’s why he’s leaving the City Ground with just 25 appearances, with possibly one more with his farewell match.