By avoiding the likes of Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain and Real Madrid in the Champions League’s quarterfinals, it’s quite reasonable to think Chelsea were lucky to get Porto in last week’s draw.

That, however, is now being used in Portugal as motivation to tell the Dragons they must prove themselves against the Blues after being considered the underdogs.

At the weekend, Porto idol Paulo Futre was live on CMTV and claimed that Chelsea players ‘celebrated’ when hearing they’d be facing Porto. He then sends a message to manager Sérgio Conceição and their players, saying how important the game will be now.

“I was supposed to call Sérgio Conceição but I didn’t mind because he has a game in Portimão. But I tell him: they celebrated! Chelsea players celebrated when they heard that FC Porto got them,” said Paulo Futre (via Record).

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Futre started calling players name by name, telling them to go and get Chelsea. He even spoke a little bit of Spanish when addressing the Spanish-speaking footballers in the squad, just like if he was at the dressing room giving them a motivational speech.

“How did I know? It’s in the English press and I called later to confirm. FC Porto players have to run like never before in these two games. Do you know why? They think they have already passed the tie. They celebrated! When I spoke to the person I was disgusted and I would give anything to play against Chelsea.

“FC Porto players have to die on the pitch, they think they are already in the semi-finals. They celebrated in the morning when they saw they got FC Porto. They can get through, but they have to sweat blood.”