Earlier on Friday we covered claims from Mundo Deportivo that Barcelona are keen on Kalidou Koulibaly.

The Napoli defender has been linked to several clubs, most strongly Chelsea, in recent years, but the Italian club’s strong transfer stance, coupled with Koulibaly not rocking the boat, has seen him stay where he is.

The Catalan newspaper reported Barcelona’s Ariedo Braida travelled to watch the Champions League match between Napoli and Liverpool this week, and he did so to check out Koulibaly.

This wasn’t the start of interest and Mundo Deportivo claim Barca have been following the player for some time.

Now his agent has backed it all up.

Speaking to Radio CRC, and quoted by CalcioNapoli24, Bruno Satin said: “I confirm the interest of Barca.”

Satin then added: “I’m sure Barcelona are interested because on Wednesday I talked to Braida who was with me at the Sao Paolo.”

That completely backs up Mundo’s story, but an expensive central defender doesn’t really seem a possibility for Barcelona right now.

The club’s finances probably wouldn’t allow it without a sale, and given there’s already Gerard Pique, Samuel Umtiti and Thomas Vermaelen… it’s not a pressing issue.