If the newspapers in England are to be believed, then José Mourinho is in a precarious position at Tottenham.

Far more so than Mikel Arteta, despite Arsenal being behind Spurs in the Premier League table having already played an extra game, but they are two clubs who, if things don’t change somewhat between now and the end of the season, could be in need of a new manager.

There are a number already on the market, with others potentially willing to leave their clubs, but few are as reputable as Maurizio Sarri, who has won trophies at both Chelsea and Juventus in recent years.

Currently without a job, there has been talk of the 62-year-old already being approached by both his former club Napoli and Fiorentina, but there are some in Italy who believe he should aim higher.

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Among those is Raffaele Auriemma, who had a chat with Si Gonfia La Rete, relayed by Area Napoli.

He said: “I have the feeling that he can go to manage one of these three teams: Tottenham, Arsenal or Barcelona. We are talking about three clubs that may need a new technical guide. These are of course only hypotheses”.

Salvatore Bagni then joined in, agreeing with Auriemma.

He added: “Barcelona will rebuild a lot, but it’s clear that they have only one goal: to win. They should also play well. As for Arsenal, however, we are not talking about a winning team. In recent years, it’s not like they’ve achieved such sensational results. If I were Maurizio Sarri, I would choose Tottenham or Arsenal. It would be a great possibility”.

We’ll have to see whether the former Chelsea manager would be interested in returning to England after his less than enjoyable spell at Stamford Bridge where, despite a good start and a Europa League win, he was never fully embraced by the fans or the club as a whole.