Back in November we covered claims from Denmark that Crystal Palace could have another chance to sign Frederik Ronnow in the January transfer window.

Danish newspaper BT said Ronnow had ‘developed into one of the country’s top goalkeepers’ and after a move to Palace ‘ran aground at the last minute’, there was a possibility the English club could return.

Crystal Palace did return, and again it was late in the window. Ronnow appears to be the go-to guy for the Premier League club when other goalkeeping options have failed and a quick deal is needed.

But everything failed again and Ronnow has been speaking about his disappointment.

Quoted by BT, Ronnow explained: “I’ve been tired of the whole situation because I’ve been through it once before. But I’ve learned a bit from that… It just gives me even more motivation inside.”

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Roy Hodgson’s side couldn’t agree a deal with Brondby in time, and the Danish newspaper asked Ronnow if the move was something he’d wanted: “Yes, of course it was. It’s a Premier League club that has shown interest for a really long period. Of course it was.”

Saying it’s not in his hands whether Crystal Palace return in the summer, Ronnow is determined to keep on playing well for Brondby: “I’m obviously annoyed, but also clear and motivated. I could choose to go and cry in the corner, but I wouldn’t get anything out of it.”