Victor Lindelof shared his Portuguese swearing skills with the world at the weekend, as the 24 year old became angered during Manchester United’s 2-1 defeat to Wolves in the FA Cup.

The defender picked up a red card during the match, only for it to be overturned by VAR, and he clearly wasn’t happy with the approach of some Wolves players towards the situation.

Lindelof, who learned some Portuguese during his time with Benfica, would usually now be away with the Swedish national team, but he informed the country’s football association he didn’t want to be called up this time.

‘Personal reasons’ was given as being behind the withdrawal, and there were then rumours that part of the reasoning was his annoyance at John Guidetti not being in the squad.

This would obviously make the situation very different indeed.

However, Sweden manager Janne Andersson has today rubbished those claims.

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Speaking at a press conference, and picked up by Fotboll Direkt, Andersson said “I can strongly deny” that situations with any other players was part of the reasoning.

He added: “I understand that there has been speculation. But I can say that I have great respect and great understanding of Vigge’s decision. It is about personal reasons and that is how he wanted us to communicate it.”

The Manchester United player is expecting his first child, and it’s possible he wants to stay at home to support his wife, although there’s no more information being given out other than ‘personal reasons’.