In Hull City’s battle against relegation this season, there’s one thing we know for sure: the transfer market won’t leave Abel Hernandez in peace.

The Chinese interest in taking him from the club has been reported week after week, with his agent feeding the rumours.

This time, it’s Calcio who are claiming that Changchun Yatai were the one out of three Chinese clubs who made the biggest offer to buy Hernandez.

The club reportedly bid €19m, but had to back off after Hull City demanded at least £20m (€23.5m) for the transfer.

The website still claims that with one year left in his contract, it’s very possible that Hernandez leaves Europe during the summer market. With all the money on offer, China would be the likeliest destination.

Could this be his agent playing again? Certainly. Earlier this week, he already spoke to the Italian media about all the offers and explained that Hull wouldn’t let the player go during January.

It clearly sounds like the representative isn’t much concerned that Hull are in a crucial stage of the season. Hull fans can only hope that Hernandez doesn’t feel the same way.