Fulham have been linked with so many fullbacks this window, with many of the claims seeming trustable, that it’s possible the Cottagers can’t remember each one.

Hugo Mallo is one of the deadline candidates, and it was claimed in several Spanish newspapers on Wednesday that Fulham have made a €10m offer to Celta Vigo for the player.

A 27 year old right back, Mallo has been at Celta all his career so won’t have been bringing in huge money relative to many other footballers.

The chance to join Fulham, play in the Premier League, and see a big rise in income would obviously be very tempting, and that’s what a source close to the player has told La Voz de Galicia. 

Celta Vigo’s local paper quote the source as saying: “He does not want to lose the offer of his life. We have to wait and see what the club says.”

That doesn’t mean Mallo would cause trouble if the move fails, with the source then talking up the possibility of a renewal: “If they do it and it is in accordance with what he deserves, Hugo will not have any problem in renewing.

“Of course he would like to continue in Vigo, he has been in the club twelve or thirteen years, ten in the first team, but he is also a professional. He wants to secure his future and that of his family and he has it on the table. He does not want to lose the contract of his life.”

Mallo wants the money, which is understandable, and if Celta don’t let him get it at Fulham then it’s clear he expects a big new contract to make up for that.