Wolverhampton Wanderers youngster Rayan Ait Nouri has revealed it is “a huge pride” for him to be playing for Algeria, after making the decision to play for them last year.

The defender has been speaking to Tiempo, relayed by Compétition, in which he details his decision to play for Algeria over France and what led him to make that choice.

The Wolves man elected to play for the African country a year ago, having been able to choose between them and France thanks to being born in Montreuil.

His future appeared to be with Les Blues after he appeared in several of their youth set ups, making seven appearances for the U18s, two for the U19s and five for the U21s between September 2018 and 2019.

However, he instead decided he wanted to play for Algeria, perhaps considering them a better option than the French, where the competition is fierce to say the least.

He, though, says it was actually something else that made him make the choice, the passion of Algeria’s fans.

“My choice had been made a year ago, I wanted to have as much experience as possible,” the Wolves defender explained.

“It is a choice of the heart. I was waiting to have a discussion with the coach. I wanted to choose Algeria, but I was waiting for the right moment. When I was ready, I chose Algeria, and it’s a huge source of pride.

“I really like the Algerian supporters. On social networks, they give me strength, regardless of my situation in the club, it motivates me a lot. I would leave my life on the ground for the people.

“I knew they were like that, but during the match against Niger at Nelson-Mandela (his first outing with the Greens), it was indescribable. It’s the best stadium I’ve been to in my life.”