Since the beginning of the month, Philippe Coutinho has been on the front cover of Sport three times. That’s more than Lionel Messi.

It’s nowhere near the levels of Cesc Fabregas’ Arsenal exit yet, or even Luis Suarez leaving Liverpool, but it’s fair to say Coutinho is a favourite for the Catalan newspaper.

On May 3rd, the reporting was about ‘Formula Coutinho’ and how Barcelona could build a deal to sign the Liverpool player. Because of the high price Liverpool would ask, it was suggested players could be used as part of the deal.

On May 9th, Sport reported Coutinho had given his ‘Si’ to a Barcelona transfer, which was no great shock. The Brazilian is happy at Liverpool, but it doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to believe he’d be happier at Barcelona.

Thursday’s reporting seems a reiteration of everything. Coutinho is a popular possible transfer at Barcelona, and the player would be keen.

The potential transfer is currently ‘simmering’, and Coutinho would be ‘perfect’ for Barcelona in all respects.

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However, this potential transfer keeps hitting the same hurdle: Money.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 09.34.29This time Sport say Barcelona are ‘confident that the player himself helps his move’, which means pressuring Liverpool to lower his price.

That’s unlikely, even if Coutinho went on all-out-strike, Liverpool are hardly going to accept €50m just to please him.

It’s worth noting that on Wednesday, another Catalan newspaper, Mundo Deportivo, reported Coutinho isn’t a priority right now for Barcelona.