Anderlecht just can’t quit Aleksandar Mitrovic.

As the club look for someone to put the ball in the back of the net, the Newcastle United striker has already been dismissed as an option several times in recent months by the Belgian media.

And yet he always pops back up again, the transfer link which refuses to go away.

There’s always the lingering problem of money, and if Anderlecht could find a deal with Newcastle, the two clubs would then have to work out what to do with the player’s wages, which surely wouldn’t be matched in Belgium.

Then there’s the lingering doubts, will Mitrovic be in any sort of match fitness to help, will he be committed enough to perform on a consistence basis, can he avoid the old pizza problems of the past?

Mitrovic has himself given a boost to the idea, quoted by HLN, via Anderlecht Online, as saying he’ll be: “Hopefully very soon back in Astridpark.”

Whilst rumours about Mitrovic returning to Anderlecht come and go, with little time to find other alternatives there may be something in this.