We thought Gazzetta di Modena had given up on Jerry Mbakogu to Leeds United. We thought wrong.

In their Wednesday edition, Carpi’s local newspaper report that whilst the striker’s move to Leeds United is ‘blocked’, it’s still being worked on.

Gazzetta explain they’re expecting to hear news from the Serie B club’s owner Stefano Bonacini, who is ‘managing the situation personally’ and trying to get a transfer over the line.

This may sound like delusion to Leeds fans, but there genuinely seems to be a belief at Carpi that the Championship club won’t have messed them around and it’s just a case of trying to push a deal through.

A lot of value has been placed on verbal assurances earlier received.

Earlier this month the same newspaper reported that sources at Carpi ‘continue to profess confidence in a successful conclusion of the negotiation’.

They didn’t think a verbal agreement would be ignored because ‘around the table Italian is spoken and strangers do not sit’.

News by the end of the month is hoped for.