In a never-ending battle between fans and clubs, ticket prices continue to be a part of football news, yet there’s something very different about what’s currently happening between Manchester United and Sevilla regarding the upcoming Champions League knockout round.

We won’t bore you with all the details, as you’re probably very aware of them, but let’s just say the Red Devils’ decision to match their La Liga opponents’ ticket price of €100 for away fans has not gone down well in Spain.

Apparently, it’s OK for Sevilla to set such a high price, but when other clubs do it to them, that’s not fair?

That is, in essence, what El Confidencial try to get at on Thursday, comparing basic wages in the two countries when discussing expensive ticket prices, hinting that because football fans in England earn more, it should be OK for them to be charged a higher price as, apparently, €74/ticket is ‘not a luxury’ on this side of the Channel.

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If you feel fans are hard done by in general, then you should have voiced your discontent when Sevilla charged a ridiculous €100/ticket for Manchester United fans in the first place, instead of waiting for it to directly affect your citizens.

The problem is, that’s not even the worst of it, as Diario de Sevilla, who also have an article on the situation, ‘hope this won’t be an excuse for the always unpleasant fights between rival fanbases during the two trips’.

Thanks for that. You might as well be writing “YOU SHOULD FIGHT ABOUT THIS” at the bottom of your article.

This is all getting a bit out of hand.