Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink parted company with QPR after the club’s draw against Nottingham Forest, and Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf explains on Monday that it hasn’t come as a huge blow to the coach.

Accepting it was a dismissal, rather than anything mutual, De Telegraaf say Hasselbaink knew before the match against Nottingham Forest that he would lose his job if QPR failed to win.

Nottingham Forest are having an even worse season to date than QPR, and there seems to be constant unsettlement at both clubs.

The Dutch newspaper are pretty blunt on QPR and say it’s a ‘turbulent’ club which ‘appoints one after another trainer and dismisses them just as quickly’. The London club is described as ‘more like an employment agency or a graveyard for coaches’ such is the short term nature.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 11.56.29De Telegraaf believe QPR fans were sympathetic with Hasselbaink, saying one commented: ‘Jimmy was working in a circus at QPR.’

Nevertheless, it’s explained Hasselbaink knew what he was getting himself into when he took the QPR job, and the club’s ‘foolish owners’ made the task somewhat ‘impossible’ to start with.

It’s fitting that it was against Nottingham Forest that Hasselbaink had his last stand, both the two big clubs of English football find themselves in difficult situations right now, without an obvious and quick way out.