When it comes to rating a full-back, it’s fair to say Gary Neville probably knows what he’s talking about.

Neville made just under 600 appearances for Manchester United, another 85 for England playing down the right and is considered one of the best to have done so.

So when he comes out and says he believes Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold will become world-class, it’s an opinion worth listening to.

The 20-year-old has risen to prominence for Liverpool in the last year or so, making the right-back spot his own and starring in their Champions League success last season.

He’s now a bonafide star, with many believing he should be England’s first-choice right-back sooner rather than later.

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Neville is impressed by what he has seen so far and believes the youngster won’t take long to establish himself, needing a tad more experience before being mentioned with the best names in the game.

“He’s going to mature, and he’s going to be a world-class right back because that’s the most important part of the game,” he told TV2.

“Unfortunately, I thought that (the weakest part of his game) was the defensive part.

“He hits some amazing passes. He wants to be better defensively, and that will mean he becomes the player Liverpool want him to be.”

“He makes me think of Kyle Walker, who was a weak defender for the first four or five years in the Premier League. He occasionally loses track when the ball is on the opposite side.”