Free to choose his next club since his contract at F91 Dudelange wasn’t going to get extended, Danel Sinani decided to move to Norwich.

He won’t actually get to transfer to Carrow Road until the summer, but it’s already been announced and the left winger could end up playing in the Premier League next season.

A lot depends on what the FA and the Premier League decide to do with the rest of the current campaign, but the forward has already made it clear relegation back down to the Championship wouldn’t be a dealbreaker for him.

It will be interesting to see how the 23-year-old copes with the jump from football in Luxembourg to the demanding version of the sport played on England’s shores, but his current manager, Bertrand Crasson, doesn’t see it being a problem.

In fact, he thinks Sinani will welcome the challenge.

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He told Le Quotidien: “You can’t compare the Premier League to our league, where he was above the rest. That was actually his problem: finding the motivation. There, he’s going to have a tougher environment, more competitive, in which he will have to fight just to have a spot and with opponents who will cut him in half.

“But he’s young, he’s going to learn, especially because he has an ability above norm. He reminds me a bit of Gilles De Bilde: left footed, capable of quick bursts of acceleration, a good shot and someone who works with enthusiasm. He can break through in England, and even explode”.

Kind words from a man who managed to get the best out of the left winger despite this lack of motivation.

Before football came to a stop, Sinani had scored 24 goals and assisted another eight in 30 appearances this season.