With the Ecuadorian and then the English press both claiming Brithgon & Hove Albion have a deal with Independiente Del Valle for the transfer of Moisés Caicedo, it looks like a matter of time until the move is done.

The press from the player’s home country is now starting to analyse the move and wondering how well he will do in European football.

Outlet Extra today features an interview with two former footballers, Juan Carlos Burbano and Anfredo Encalada, who gave their opinion on Caicedo’s potential.

“He has a good biotype, strength, power, he stands up very well on the pitch. He has a good shot and passes. It will favour him to go to the Premier for his game,” Barbano told Extra.

“Moisés is a boy who’s shown unusual maturity, he gives the pattern that he has great emotional control that is key in high competition. He’s totally different from many players, he has a great personality,” adds Encalada.

“He’s an intelligent footballer, he reads the game well and is physically strong.”

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Extra also mentioned that Caicedo may end up loaned out to a club in Belgium following the transfer to Brighton. And Burbano agrees that this should be a good move for the 19-year-old to get some experience before being tested in the Premier League.

“Hopefully he has someone to accompany him, to guide him. He has to adapt to another schedule, climate, culture, food. Being strong mentally and psychologically is very important.”

Meanwhile, Encalada said the loan “would give him a livelihood prior to his jump to England”.

Still, in case the loan is ruled out and Caicedo goes straight to Brighton, Burbano thinks the teenager would have no problem to help the Seagulls in this finals stretch of the season.

“He’s shown that the pressure doesn’t affect him, he did it at the national team. He’s come out ahead with La Tri in a competition as strong as in the qualifying rounds and has been a figure in Independiente in decisive matches.”