Just like Fernandinho, Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho is another player who is not very valued by Brazil’s national team fans.

The lack of an important spell at a local club means the Brazilian media won’t trust him, and unless he plays for Real Madrid or Barcelona, this treatment is unlikely to change.

Former footballer Neto hosts a TV show on Bandeirantes, and often has some controversial opinions on European football. This week, it was time for Coutinho to take the blow.

As the Liverpool and Barcelona transfer saga ended during the international break, all the Brazilian media felt the right to comment on the transfer, so Neto wanted to have his say as well.

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“Do you know how many titles he has in Liverpool? None. No, just to make it clear to you. Because it seems that Philippe Coutinho is Zico, is Socrates.”

“Philippe Coutinho is not all that you’re talking about, people. Calm down, take it easy, he’s a very good player. But he wouldn’t win a World Cup for us. He is a very good player. I prefer Renato Augusto.”

Neto may be a character who often talks nonsense, but despite being taken as a joke by many people, there’s also a legion of fans who read what he writes and sit on the sofa just to watch what he will say.

His 3.5 million followers on Twitter prove that.

Liverpool’s Coutinho probably isn’t one of them.