ESPN Brasil had a little fun with two Chelsea stars at the weekend.

Reporter Natali Gedra would give the name of a player from the squad to either Jorginho or Mateo Kovacic, who would have to give some clues until the other worked out who it was.

Speaking in Portuguese and Italian, the duo made several jokes about the players they got, and one of them was Kepa Arrizabalaga.

It was Kovacic who received the goalkeeper’s name, and when giving his clues he claimed that ‘he’s a little fat’.

Jorginho at first thought it was hard, since there were at least two Chelsea players who’ve been overweight. Then Kovacic said ‘he could be a manager’, and the Brazilian soon found out.

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“He paid a fine. I think he paid a fine because he’s chubby. Kepa? You killed him in this one. He will remember that,” said Jorginho.

The Brazilian might have just been joking, but it didn’t really look like it.

Despite Frank Lampard’s long list of fines being leaked at the start of the season, there was no specific amount for players who’ve been overweight.