German outlet Spox brings today an interesting piece on Hoffenheim youngster Nick Breitenbücher, who seems to be a target for Premier League side Chelsea.

Following good performances for the Bundesliga side’s youth ranks, the winger seems to be attracting the interest from other clubs, and could soon get involved in a move.

Spox writes that it’s Schalke 04 who were the first to make a contact for his signing, but the likes of Chelsea and also Liverpool have been following him as well.

Nick Breitenbücher is very much compared to Arjen Robben. It’s said that even though he’s a little smaller and definitely has more hair, their playing styles are nearly identical, to the point where his teammates simply nickname him ‘Robben’.

The 17-year-old had been playing on the left wing this season, but now shows he feels a lot more comfortable on the right side, where he can use his skills to create more chances, just like the Dutch star.

“He says exactly what he thinks, doesn’t say a word and is very direct,” a teammate told Spox. “He’s a little devil”.

Even though Hoffenheim rate Breitenbücher highly, they’re in need of selling some of their youngsters, so that would be a good opportunity for Chelsea to find a deal.