According to a lengthy article in Corriere della Sera on Thursday, the Chinese government are once again concerned with how businessmen from the country are investing in football, often without an awful lot of thought.

There’s a feeling spending has been over the top, without real planning, and hasn’t benefitted the country’s population or reputation. Italian interest is because of Chinese investment in the country’s football, with both Milan clubs now having serious links to the country.

Whilst a big list of failures can be wheeled out, there’s only one distinctive success story Corriere della Sport mention: Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Wolves are currently leading the Championship and it’s explained that Fosun’s approach, led by Guo Guangchang, has been the right way to go about things. Indeed, he could even show a return on his investment, should Wolves get promoted and there’s a wish to part ways.

The Italian newspaper quotes Chinese journalist Alain Wang as saying: “He’s a genius: he bought a little club, then told agent Jorge Mendes to think about it. He has a project and it works. The doubt that they also have in Beijing is: what are the others in football doing?”

Not as well as Fosun at Wolves, clearly.