Liverpool youngster Rafael Camacho is highlighted in a big story from Portuguese newspaper O Jogo this week.

Reporting the player’s performances with the first team squad during the preseason, the outlet managed to interview the player’s father and a couple of former coaches to talk about his development.

Camacho has an interesting story. He played for both Benfica and Sporting, and when his parents moved to Manchester, he was accepted by City, who had already seen him in a few tournaments.

However, although it’s normally the parents who follow the young footballers at this point of their career, what happened was the opposite. Camacho’s family moved back to Portugal, and he had to return as well. And even with an invite to return to Sporting, his father thought it wasn’t time to sign a contract, letting him play for Real Sport Club whenever he wanted to.

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“Sporting wanted him back, but I didn’t want him to get stuck with a professional contract. Real was the natural solution,” Euclides Camacho told O Jogo.

His father has also revealed that Real, this time the one from Madrid, also wanted him: “Yes, Barcelona and Real Madrid are the best in the world and Rafael could have gone to Madrid, but I thought they didn’t bet enough on the youngsters in the main team.”

Regarding the preseason with the Liverpool first team, the player’s father believes that Camacho could have a place in the squad for the next season: “He’s fighting the beasts and getting space. I think he’s staying on the main team.”