Last week, reports from the Brazilian media covered Athletico Paranaense’s chances of having Fernandinho back at the club.

As the midfielder’s contract with Manchester City expires at the end of the season, it was claimed the player doesn’t rule out a return to his old side.

Even Fernandinho’s agent spoke about the good relationship they have with the Brazilian club, and added that his final decision should be taken soon.

However, the signing is now ruled out by Athletico Paranaense. That may sound strange, but the club believe they couldn’t win the competition for such an important player.

On his Facebook page, president Mario Celso Petraglia responded to the rumours claiming they make no sense.

“We’re receiving many questions and statements about our ex athlete Fernandinho who will be free from May this year. He’s awaiting English citizenship for him and for his whole family. For sure he’ll have several offers both from Brazil and other European countries. Who wouldn’t want to have this player on their team?”

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“He conquered practically everything, he only lost the 2014 World Cup when he even became captain of our national team. The question that should not be asked, ‘with what clothes’ can the Furacão compete? With less than 15 thousand members left over with the withdrawal happening every day for the reasons we know, without box office, without A&B sales, without sponsorships and so many other revenues that have shrunk this year?”

Even though Fernandinho has been an important player for Pep Guardiola at Manchester City this season, there’s no news regarding the chances of signing a new contract with the club.

Last month, speaking to the Brazilian media, his teammate Gabriel Jesus said he knows what Fernandinho is doing next. Given the midfielder is seeking citizenship, that could suggest he’s looking to stay in the Premier League, and likely at Manchester City.