Jurgen Klopp will be in a new job within a year of leaving Liverpool, as he simply won’t be able to resist being away from football.

That’s according to former Bayern Munich director and current supervisory board member Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who can’t see Klopp spending an extended period relaxing away from football once he leaves Liverpool.

Klopp will be departing Anfield at the end of the season after announcing he wanted to depart before the end of his current contract’s expiry next year.

He has made it clear from the outset that his departure is coming because he has simply run out of energy, with the plan to spend time out of the game relaxing after a hectic nine-year spell at Liverpool.

He’s insisted he will spend at least a year out of the game, while also stating he will not manage another side in England given his association to the Reds and fondness he has for them.

The sentiment has been that he will not be rushing back to football once he is out, but Rummenigge doesn’t believe that at all and instead believes Klopp simply won’t be able to resist should football come calling once he is out.

“He will be sitting on the bench somewhere again in a year at the latest,” he told on the “TOMorrow Business & Style” podcast, relayed by SportBILD.

“We are all crazy, he just like all of us. (Football is) a drug at this level. (You need) to get away from this drug, but at some point, the danger of returning is more than latent, I can already predict that to you today.

“At some point, and I already know that today, he’ll be itching again.”