With the Super League now behind us and most clubs pulling out following the backlash from the footballing world in general, things have returned to something close to normal.

However, the fact that a few select teams decided to try and change the face of competitive football has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many owners around the world, including Giampaolo Pozzo, owner of Udinese and the father of Watford owner Gino Pozzo.

The Italian family have successfully run clubs over the past 30 years, with the Hornets (their recent relegation aside) an example of what they can do.

Celebrating his 80th birthday, Giampaolo Pozzo gave an interview to Corriere della Sera, where he touched upon the Super League and how it badly affected the footballing world.

Talking about how there is a need for winners and losers in competitive sport, he added: “Alone we don’t exist. This was the mistake of the Super League, as the twelve founders did not foresee defeat: they wanted to choose their opponents for themselves”.

He then took a sly dig at those who wanted the money from the competition by saying: “Even if, between us, you give me €250m, I make a team to win the Scudetto. And if I don’t win it, I have to consider myself an idiot, in the sense that I would have made the wrong choices, not just the money”.

Watford were not invited to take part, and it sounds that even if they had done and Gino Pozzo considered it, he would have swiftly been told off by his father.