Never shy to talk about his admiration for Zinedine Zidane and his desire to be managed by the Real Madrid coach, Eden Hazard doesn’t help himself when it comes to transfer rumours.

Despite being always sent to La Liga, a league many feel he would take by storm, or Paris Saint-Germain, the Chelsea star remains at Stamford Bridge, at least for now.

Speaking to Onze Mondial in France, the 26-year-old opened up about his situation at Chelsea, and, frankly, it doesn’t seem like he’s in a rush to go anywhere.

He said: “From the moment things are going well…. When you change, it’s because they aren’t. If, in your job, everything is going well and you’re the boss, would you move? Why would you want to? Plus, you know the people, you’re happy. That’s what happened at Lille, I knew everyone, it was great.

“Then, when I felt I needed to change, I left. There you go, at Chelsea, it’s the same thing. I’m in my sixth year. My family is here. My wife and kids feel great. I’m not far from Belgium so my family can come quite regularly. I’m in a big club, and I win trophies pretty much every year.”

Revealing he knows he might never win the Champions League, Hazard did admit he would love to be able to leave like Drogba, by helping the club lift the trophy.

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The forward also refused to make a statement on whether or not he was one of the greatest players in Chelsea’s history, even if he feels he might not be ‘too far off’.

Moving back to the rumours of an exit, Hazard was adamant to reiterate he ‘doesn’t pay attention to them anymore’: “I’m here for now, I’m trying to finish the year as best I can. After that, I’ll have two years left on my deal. We’ll see what happens.”

Hoping to carry on his career at ‘the highest level’, the Chelsea forward also revealed he will stop when his body tells him its time, and will never play just for the sake of it.

As for the whole wanting to be managed by Zinedine Zidane thing, why would that mean he has to move to Real Madrid? Why can’t the Frenchman move to him?

He said: “I’ll speak to Chelsea’s board about that, we’ll see (bursts out laughing). More seriously, for now, we have a manager who’s there, and he isn’t a small one either. It’s going to be hard to move him. Your question is pertinent, however. I’ll speak to the board about that.”

Somehow, we don’t think he was being serious.

Or was he?